"It is my pleasure to recommend Evangelist Matt Galvan to the pulpit. I have known Matt for a few years, and I have had the opportunity to hear him preach and to see him interact with people in various ministry situations. Matt is a young evangelist that pastors can trust. He is doctrinally sound and balanced. His preaching is always Bible centered and he treats the Word of God with great love and respect. Whether speaking to youth or adults, his presentation is passionate, biblical, and compelling. In addition, his winsome personality always engages the audience."

"As a student in Bible college, Matt was active and fully engaged in his local church. He is an ardent soul winner, and he has tremendous skill with outreach, children’s work, and teen revivals. Because of his background, he understands the heartbeat of pastors and the intricacies of pastoral ministry. He is wise beyond his years, and he will never be hurtful to a local church ministry. He is a young evangelist whom pastors can trust. Once he is on the road, we plan to have him at Faith Baptist Church in Avon, IN."

 "Whether it’s a youth meeting, church revival, or other conference, Matt Galvan is a great choice. I believe he will be one of America’s fine young evangelists, and I believe the Lord will use him greatly throughout his ministry."

— Pastor Marc Monte | Sr. Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Avon, IN


"I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Evangelist Matt Galvan and his wife, Hannah. I met Matt for the first time when he traveled for two years as a Neighborhood Bible Time (NBT) evangelist. I have watched over the years as he has matured into a fine young man. In the number of years that I have known Evangelist Matt Galvan, he has evidenced a definite call and gift for the ministry of evangelism. His meetings are fruitful in the salvation of souls and particularly in genuine evidences of revival. I have been very impressed with his command of Scripture and also with the power of God that has been evident in his life and preaching."

"If you like expository preaching, you will enjoy the ministry of Matt Galvan. His wife, Hannah, is truly an asset to their ministry. I highly recommend Matt and Hannah Galvan to your church. This couple is unashamed of the Gospel of Christ."

"I am excited to let you know that Matt and Hannah will be joining the NBT team during Training. Matt will be assisting me in training the young men who will minister as NBT evangelists during the summers."

— Mr. Larry Koontz | Director of Neighborhood Bible Time


"Matt traveled with me in 2011. I appreciate his heart for people and life changing preaching. God used him to touch many lives! Matt will preach Scripturally solid, yet practical messages for all ages. I commend him and his wife to you for your serious consideration. I believe they will be a help to your church!"

— Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen | Director of Minutemen Ministries in Menomonee Falls, WI


"I had the privilege to observe Matt Galvan’s enthusiasm for serving the Lord throughout his ministerial training. His zeal for souls was notable. He demonstrated a faithful commitment to local church ministry. His zeal is tempered with understanding having grown in a fine pastor’s home. He has been mentored by seasoned pastors and evangelists.   Matt lights up a room with his outgoing demeanor. He will be a blessing to your church and to people of all age groups. I am happy to recommend him to your ministry as well as to ask you to pray for him as he follows the Lord’s leading into the field of evangelism."

— Dr. Bruce McAllister | Director of Pastor Relations for Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC


"During the summer of 2016 our church was privileged to have Matt serve as our summer camp evangelist (350 local children each week). For two weeks, Matt worked diligently with our young people. He preached in four chapels a day and did an amazing job relating to the campers and secured their confidence as he faithfully preached God’s Word. By the end of two weeks, we witnessed dozens of campers opening their hearts and trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior."  

"Still while with us in the summer, Matt was a blessing in our church, First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake. Matt preached to our teens and church congregation and demonstrated a true desire to serve the Lord. We were very impressed with Matt’s maturity. His unique spiritual gifts bless, encourage, and motivate all ages. Matt has shown himself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to God’s call in his life."

"Any ministry or church would be blessed to have Matt as their guest evangelist. We look forward to the opportunity to have Matt serve with us again in the near future." 

Pastor Marc Mortensen | Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church in Westwood Lake, FL/President of the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS)


"Evangelist Matt Galvan served the Lord faithfully with me for six years. He preached his first full week of revival meetings at our church. The Lord used him to bring people in and for them to be saved. Since then he has been used multiple times to preach timely messages to minister to our people. His sermons will touch the souls of your people and will be blessed with the breath of Heaven. I am so thankful for how he has helped our church! Can’t wait to have him come back."

— Pastor Dave Rickerd | Sr. Pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Anderson, SC


"Matt Galvan has been a blessing to our congregation for over 5 years, first as our Neighborhood Bible Time evangelist, then our summer intern, and now our associate pastor since May 2014. He works primarily with our teens and young adults, but his clear and concise preaching reaches all ages and demographic groups. I appreciate his burden for souls, his convictions, his discernment, and his personal integrity. At Central Baptist, Matt and Hannah have served “heartily, as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23). I encourage you to invite them to serve and minister to your congregation as well."

— Pastor Stephen Russell | Sr. Pastor of Central Baptist Church in Dothan, AL


"We had the wonderful opportunity of having Evangelist Matt Galvan and his dear wife minister in our summer day camp and Church for two weeks this past summer. It was truly a blessing to have them involved in many aspects of the ministry here at First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake and Circle C Youth Ranch Camp. Matt did an amazing job of preaching the Gospel to a wide variety of age groups in the camp as well as the Church Youth group and Church. He is a sharp, personable and "up and coming" Evangelist. Both he and his wife have wonderful servant hearts, that were willing to do what ever was asked of them. They are extremely organized, as well as humble servants."

"I would highly recommend this couple to be a part of your Church, School and Camp ministry. I definitely plan to have them back in the future."

— Bill Thomson | Pastor of Education/Camp Director for Westwood Christian School/Circle C Youth Ranch Camp


"Matt Galvan grew up in a pastor's home. I've known his dad, Carlos, since he was a student at BJU and have held revival meetings for him. Matt was a student in an evangelism course I supervised at BJU and feels a definite call to the field of evangelism. He is a fervent preacher. He has served as a youth pastor in an independent Baptist church in Alabama. This, along with his experience as a pastor's son, gives him a good understanding of what pastors face and will be a valuable asset to him as an evangelist and to pastors."

"I can recommend Matt Galvan to you without hesitation."

— Dr. Bud Bierman | Bob Jones University & Gospel Fellowship Association Staff Evangelist

Matt Galvan is a gifted evangelist with a true heart for the Lord. He led Neighborhood Bible Time at Temple Baptist Church.... It was a dynamic week filled with souls saved and decisions made for Christ.
— Pastor Charles Green | Roseville, MI

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