We have been called by God into full-time evangelism.



As a pastor’s kid, I heard the Gospel frequently. I made a profession of faith as a very young child, but only did so because of the pressure of the situation I was in. When I was eleven years old, I was reading about the lake of fire in Revelation 20 while in my bedroom, and I knew that I was not sure if I was truly saved. So then and there, I prayed to God, told Him I was a sinner who deserved to go to Hell, and asked Him to take away my sin and save me. And I know that I am saved today because Romans 10:13 says “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I did not understand everything about the Bible or about salvation, but I knew enough to know that I was a sinner, I could not save myself, and I needed Jesus to save me, so I called out to the Lord that day. I surrendered to preach the summer after I received Christ, and, through a progression of events, God called me specifically into the ministry of full-time evangelism. After watching myself and other teens get right with God at camp, preaching from Romans 1, and traveling with an evangelist, God confirmed my call to the ministry of full-time evangelism when I was seventeen years old. I studied Bible Evangelism at Bob Jones University and received a Master’s degree in Bible from BJU as well. On May 25th, 2014, I was ordained into the gospel ministry.

I enjoy deer hunting, playing the guitar, and football in any form—playing it, watching it…if it’s football, I love it. I especially love my Pittsburgh Steelers.



I was reared in a Christian home with godly parents who trained me and helped me to realize my need of salvation at an early age. When I was five years old, I understood that I was a sinner and that Jesus was the only One Who could save me from my sin. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of five, and I was baptized shortly after salvation. I struggled with doubts concerning my salvation during my junior-high years, but I received assurance of salvation at the age of thirteen during a youth rally. Beginning in my early teen years, I had a strong desire to know my God intimately through prayer and personal Bible study. But it was not until my sophomore year at Ambassador Baptist College that I completely surrendered my life to the Lord to do with me as He pleased. To know my God and to be in close fellowship with Him is still my desire and daily pursuit, and I am very grateful for my husband who not only keeps me accountable in my walk with the Lord but also considers it one of his greatest responsibilities to disciple me and to nurture my heart as his wife. As Matt’s wife, I stand in full support of the call of God I see in his life. With God’s help and strength, I will do all I can to help Matt pursue God’s will and refuse to be a hindrance to the work God has called him to do. 

I enjoy hunting with my husband, crafting, playing with my German Shepherd, Heidi, and cheering on my Tennessee Volunteers.

Brother Matt is a great preacher whose motive is to help the church and the pastor. I truly feel God will greatly use him as an evangelist.
— Pastor Joe Haskett | Monroe, NC

Matt and Hannah are eager to serve in your ministry.